Ultimate Shader Pack

by differentlink in Surfacing

You as an artist repeatedly face the same tasks when it comes to shading objects but as a creative mind you're probably more interested in bringing your vision to life than mass producing concrete shaders. Let's put an end to this and cut off the boring parts so you have more time to add to your image what only you can.


What's in for You

The Ultimate Shader Pack is a collection of twelve shaders and four node setups designed to solve common shading tasks:

  • Seven PBR-Shaders let you create easy controllable materials for walls, grass, plastics, bark, metals and a lot more materials. They come in different variations so you get exactly the features you need with the highest speed.
  • Two special shaders for lamps, screens, lanterns and everything else that may dazzle you.
  • A shader for glass and water that can be used for rendering fast caustics, dispersion or architectural windows.
  • Two volumetric shaders: one for fog or mist with light-rays, the other for explosions, cigarettes and torches.
  • One node group randomly changes the color of the objects it is used on, or changes the texture used. This adds natural color variations within the blink of an eye.
  • The remaining groups make your objects dirty, add irregularities to the surface or let your cat scratch them. This adds a final touch to your materials.


Every time you add one of these shaders to your scene you give me a handful of responsibility. You trust me that the shaders are of high quality to meet your standards, that they have the functionality you need, and that they are so fast that you don't have to wait for your masterpiece for an eternity. I did my best to fulfill my responsibilities but if you still have questions you can find more information and a full list of shaders in the documentation, also you can ask your questions in the comments below.

So you want to add a boost to your work or learn more about shading? Get the Ultimate Shader Pack!

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Published almost 8 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
Render Engine Used Cycles
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