Ultimate Lightning Pack V1.2

by Hell FX in Modifier Setups

Ultimate Lightning Pack v1.2

Unleash the power of Blender's Geometry Nodes with the Procedural Lightning Effects pack by Hell FX. Take your scenes to the next level with our diverse collection of lightning effects designed to meet all your creative needs. Whether you desire a striking single lightning branch or the electrifying allure of sliding lightning, this pack has got you covered. Simply drag and drop into your scene and ignite your imagination!

Key Features

Over 10 dynamic lightning effects at your fingertips

This pack contains 10 different lightning effects along with simple sparks effects.

Assets library with added visual flair to drag and drop the lightning

with unique previews of the effects you can just drag and drop the lightning effects to your setup. It is that easy

Experience the magic of multi-layer distortions for unparalleled realism

almost all the effects have multilayer distortion effects. primary distortion for controlling the basic shape of the lightning and the secondary distortion for some small noise distortion.

Fine-tune the frequency of your lightning effects to create a variety of looks.

adjust the frequency of each distortion to control the speed and vibration of the lightning. This will be really useful if you want to do some slow-motion lightning.

Eliminate the hassle of tweaking materials with our seamless integration

Just like any other Hell FX procedural assets, we value your time. No need to waste time cycling between the shader editor and the geometry editor. you can control the shape and the lightning colour and the strength all in one place.

Witness the awe-inspiring striking effect that will electrify your audience

better striking effect for branched lightning. great for slow-mo, don't you think?

Dive into our showcase demo project to help you get started.

see all the effects in action in one place. check out the showcase project.

Comprehensive documentation for effortless usage and inspiration

some guidelines and tips to get you started. clear any doubts.

What's New in v1.2

Updated to Blender 3.5, ensuring compatibility with the latest version

we've updated the Lightning Pack for the latest Blender 3.5. Oh! it also works in 3.6 beta

Introducing the all-new Wave Radius Factor for even more control over your lightning effect.
The new wave radius factor breaks the uniform radius flow and creates a more believable lightning effect.

New directional distortion to drive your lightning.

we add a new distortion effect to some of the lightning effects to help you sell the direction of the lightning strike.

New Sparks Effect

All new sparks effect is 100% procedural giving you control over almost everything.

Experience the enhanced assets library, new icons and even easier to use.

in v1.2 we completely removed the collection and node-group-based assets and introduced object assets. Just drag and drop to your scene and get started. No need to tweak collection instances.

Updated documentation to clear any doubts

we updated the documentation to fit the latest release.

Minor bug fixes for a smoother and more seamless lightning experience

fixed some bugs related to the default values of the effects.

Unleash the storm within and captivate your audience with the Ultimate Lightning Pack v1.2. Elevate your Blender creations to new heights of electrifying brilliance. Get ready to shine!

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Published 10 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4
License Creative Commons
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