Ultimate Greeble Pack

by Antonis Bouras in Models

The Ultimate Greeble Pack contains a total of 120 premade, stand-alone, highly detailed, greeble assets, to help you add intricate mechanical details quickly to your scenes!

What are Greebles?

Greebles are fine details that when added to the surface of a larger object, make it appear more complex and visually interesting. 

The easiest way you can do this is by adding simple primitives all over the place in hopes of making it appear complex. But when you are modeling something like a Star-Destroyer or a Borg-Cube or even just adding detail inside an open panel, this method just isn’t enough.

So this Ultimate Greeble Pack was born, an asset pack with Greebles that appear believable and look like actual pieces of machinery and electronics. 

The Ultimate Greeble Pack:

Now you can add intricate mechanical detail easily, using premade Greeble assets:

-          Use them as Particles to populate a plane.

-          Place them manually for greater control.

-          Mix, match and edit them for maximum creative freedom.

Each individual greeble was carefully designed to appear visually interesting and give the impression that it performs some kind of function.

Ideal for detailing Large Spaceships, Sci-Fi corridors, Future cityscapes and more.

You can also use them as a base for larger equipment or buildings and then detail them further using the rest of the greebles in the pack. 

Ready to use. Just add them to your scene and start having fun.

About the Greebles:

Each greeble has simple and optimized geometry for faster render times.

All greebles are designed to be easily editable in case you want even more variation.

Low to Mid poly, average poly count around 1200 faces (ranging from 600 to 8k depending on compexity and shape).

All assets are meaningfully named for easy navigation. 

Image Previews for easy Appending.

UV unwrapped manually.

Subdividable (Greebles shown here are at 1lvl subdivision but you can decrease or increase depending on your needs). 

The Pack:

The Ultimate Greeble Pack contains a total of 120 premade, ready to use, greeble assets to add to your scenes, including:

28 Electronic Type Greebles that look like electric or electronic parts or equipment.

28 Industrial Type Greebles that look like industrial equipment or buildings.

18 Mechanical Type Greebles that look like mechanical parts or equipment.

24 Panel Detail Greebles to detail panels and various surfaces.

7 Modular Pipe Parts to make pipes :P

15 Spaceship Parts like antennas, radars, turrets and thrusters.

Also includes a procedural ready-to-use Cycles greeble shader and a paneled floor. 

You get all that for just 0.30$ per asset!

Note: These greebles are stand-alone assets that you can directly import to your scene. These greebles are not part of any add-on.

Update: added .obj and .fbx exports for non blender users!

Update: added 2.80 blend file!

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Blender Version 2.8, 2.7x
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