Ultimate Black Friday Addon Bundle (8 Addons)

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Black Friday Sale is Here and we giving you 8 Addons at an affordable Price Offer Limited This Bundle contains some of our New Latest Amazing Addons, if you buy it you can quickly create Visual Effects and Motion Graphics scenes of your imagination with This Bundle, it Contains 

The Addons above are the ones that are in this pack but am going to talk about the top 4, click those links to read more about them

Space Elements Addon

Space Elements Addon is an Extension in Blender to Make Creating Space Scenes in Blender Easy, with Simple Clicks and tweak, It sets up the right lighting for you, and Sky and then it provides realistic Earth Assets and Other Planets for you to Add and Play with, it also comes with Assets you can use in your scene Free to redistribute and use anywhere you want for any purpose


  • Easy Space Galaxy Background Setup
  • Easy Lighting Setup
  • Automatic Composition with Bloom in Cycles
  • 5 realistic planets fully shaded for you
  • 5 assets, satellites, shuttle, ISS
  • Easy Settings to Control

Road Path Creator

A Simple Road Creator Addon for Drawing any path of any road type that you have in Mind, you are not limited to what path you want to make with this addon curved or straight path, all by how you draw it, you have an option to customize and put your own road PBR texture and it will Populate the Settings for You


  • Draw Road
  • Change Road Dimension
  • Customize Texture
  • Make Own Road
  • Fully Customizable
  • Built in PBR texture Creator from One Image


Surface Detail Addon

this addon is so good at hard surfaces but it can also be used for other surfaces like mountains, grounds, organics and so many others using the Custom Map Option

Future Updates will come with paint function and ability to animate the surface with any video, buy this and get future updates for free before they Goto Pro Version


you will need a good PC to use this Addon, any PC can run it but not every PC can handle the payload

My Specs

intel Core i5-8700k - 16 GB RAM, Any PC Less than this will be slow, so that is the recommended PC Spec you should have, if you have a better Spec than mine then all is well, More RAM means more Polygons you can handle, more cores and GHz Speed means the faster you can displace

  • 40+ Presets
  • Easy Customization
  • Viewport Friendly
  • Can be Exported
  • More Coming

Easy Displace Addon

Blender's Displacement Modifier takes alot of clicks and mouse movements to get it done pretty fast, but with this addon all you need is 1 click away

with a few clicks not more than 3, you can create a realistic almost impossible or hard to sculpt model using displacement maps on the Geometry

This Addon comes with 10 presets for displacement maps, eg: Nose, Voronoi, Marble and so many others that you can manipulate and add on your model to make it look high poly and realistic


  • 10 displacement Techniques
  • Auto Subdivision
  • Fast Editing.
  • Customizable
  • And Many More

True Dark Theme Pack

A New Blender 3.0 Dark Experience, Follow Me on Twitter For Updates

Blender comes with a default Dark Theme but it is not so beautiful compared to other dark themes in softwares like Adobe, Marvelous Designer, Unreal Engine 5, Unity and so many others. so in this theme pack, you get 15 Dark themes, in all variants including Gray and Black, these themes are so modern and Flat that you will surely love using them in Blender

Available Themes
  1. True Dark
  2. True Gray
  3. True Black
  4. True Black Green
  5. True Black Red
  6. True Black Blue
  7. True Black Banana
  8. True Black Pink
  9. True Black Purple
  10. True Midnight
  11. True Ocean
  12. True Ocean Dark
  13. True Flat Light
  14. True Flat Dark
  15. True Moon

==== FOR MORE ADDONS =====

Element X Addon for Scifi Element Creation

Vera Product Light for Product lighting

Energy Fx Addon for Effects Presets and creation

Easy Displacer Addon Blender's Most Advanced Displacement Addon

Surface Detail Addon Blender's Most Advanced Hard Surface Tool

City Road Builder, Blenders best city road generator

Quake Animation Tools Blender's Most Advanced Animation Tools

Particles-X Blender's Most Advanced Particle System Extension

Scifi Elements Addon which creates scifi elements in your scene easily

Quake Motion Camera, Blenders best motion camera addon ever created

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