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Ultibake supports all the cutting-edge features to ensure that even the most complicated setups can be baked from Blender to your desired platform.

Main Features

Modular Baking 

Inspired by the group-based baking system in Marmoset Toolbag. This feature is designed to simplify the process of baking complex scenes by organizing them into manageable groups, known as bake sets.

Each bake set can contain multiple bake units, enabling you to bake numerous multi-material objects onto a single texture using the selected UVMap. This flexibility allows for efficient texture management and streamlined workflows. 

Comprehensive material support

The addon has been tested with materials from the Sanctus library and DECALmachine, which ensures that complicated principled bsdf based materials are supported, even inside groups! The only requirement is that the material uses the Principled BSDF node.
This is done to simplify and streamline the baking process to be predictable and stable. It also gives us the option to choose what inputs we want to bake from the Principled bsdf node itself.

Decal Baking

involves the direct projection of a texture onto the surface of an object using mesh planes or DECALmachine decals. This technique is well-suited for integrating micro details into baked meshes without the need for manual application of the baked texture afterward. Additionally, the Decal baker supports multi-map decals such as DECALmachine screws, which encompass metallic, roughness, normal, and base color maps.

Implicit UDIM support

The addon automatically handles udims by reading the UV coordinates of the UVMaps, it will also handle the texture naming.

Explicit Channel packing 

On each bake set you can define what is baked to the RGBA channels individually. This allows you to configure your output textures with as much control as in Adobe Substance Painter

Other Features

  • Bake denoising and Gaussian blur
    Applied to the bake directly if enabled.

  • 16-bit per channel baking
    Useful for specific cases like height maps.

  • Special bake modes
    Lightmap, ColorID, Curvature and AO baking.

  • Colorspace control
    Automatically handeled, by treating non color bake types as non-color, but can be explicitly set from Addon preferences.

  • GPU baking.
    Blender does support it by default, but this toggle ensures that the conditions are met for the baking to utilize it.

  • Target UV control
    Select your desired UV to use for the baking per bake unit.

How to use

The following link contains the documentation for the Addon with videos and text explaining each part of the Addon.

check the documentation


If you have any questions or problems with the addon, join the discord group.


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