Udon Custom Node Builder [Beta]

by Luca Rood in Addons

ATTENTION! UDON is currently incompatible with Blender 4.0+. An update is in the works.

The Blender add-on for making your own custom nodes

for Geometry, Shader, and Compositing nodes

NEW: Added support for image properties!

UDON is currently in beta, and by buying it now you get lifetime updates for the lowest price, while also supporting development.

Give your node groups superpowers

Transform your node groups into real nodes, with custom UI controls for inner node properties — all without writing any code.

Seamless Blender integration

Your custom nodes behave just like native nodes. They all appear in the standard node menu, under any category you choose (including any number of your own categories).

Access your nodes from any file

UDON includes convenient library management, allowing you to make your custom nodes available across your Blender sessions, regardless of which .blend file you are working on.

Documentation and More Info

You can find the details about all UDON features and capabilities, as well as installation instructions on the documentation portal.

For the most common questions, see the FAQ page.


  • UDON does not come with any new nodes;
  • UDON is required both for creating as well as using the custom nodes. Custom nodes only work with UDON enabled. Read the FAQ for more details.


This is a non-exhaustive list of features, to highlight UDON's main capabilities.


Node UI

Menu Integration

* Currently only works with local nodes, not library nodes. Full support including library nodes will be implemented in a future release.


  • Custom nodes can be saved to the global library, making them available across sessions
  • Library nodes appear in the standart Add Node menu, just like local nodes
  • Version management:
    • Easily update custom nodes in the library when making changes to them locally
    • Instances of a custom node within a file are not affected by modifications in the library, avoiding potential incompatibilities/breakages in existing files
    • Icons let you know at a glance when a node has been modified locally or in the library
    • Pull a new version of a node from the library, updating all local instances of the node
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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3
License GPL
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