Twoleg Character Rig

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TwoLeg Character Rig

Character Animation takes a lot of time, and when you are a beginner, it's not easy to know where to start. This Rig is perfect to start animating. Using this rig, you don't have to worry about the arms, the hands, the fingers or the facial animation, and yet you can give it LIFE! With TwoLeg, You can practice different walk cycles... A tired one, a determined one, a run, or a happy walk like the double jump one! Or you can try a 180 turn like I show in the demo. This way you can already learn and practice the 12 principles of animation and also something that I really love to work on in animation is giving weight to an object or a character, and TwoLeg has a lot of it!!!!

Features of TwoLeg

TwoLeg is a very simple character to use and animate but its rig is very complex in order to give the best deformation and the best look!

  • Full Character scale
  • Squash and Stretch for the upper body
  • 3 bones system for better deformation of the knee (see video)
  • AntiRotation system for the hip (the hip doesn't rotate with the leg).
  • IK/FK controls for the legs
  • IK/FK snap button
  • UV unwrapped
  • UV layout provided to create your textures very quickly
  • 4 Textures included. Skin toon, Yellow Minion style, Skin sensitive (Don't let it stay in the sun too long) and a green alien one!
  • Included also in the file is a nice Camera rig, easy to use

I hope you will have as much fun as I did animating it! I'm looking forward to see your animations, so don't hesitate to link them in a comment on this page, and if I can, I will be happy to comment on them too! ;) Mathias.

(By the way, if you need a professional rigger/animator for work, feel free to contact me!)

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