Twisted Extrude

by Mark Kingsnorth in Addons

I select all the faces on an object, try 'Twisted Extrude', but nothing seems to happen. What could have gone wrong?

This might be for two reasons:

  1. You need to be check the 'Extrude Individual Faces' checkbox to extrude faces along their individual directions.  With this unchecked and all faces selected, the add-on does not know which direction to extrude all faces from (the extrusion Vector will be calculated to be (0, 0, 0) ).
  2. Try clicking the mouse button and the side menu options will appear - this is a known issue where sometimes the interactive extrusion will not always follow the mouse.
When rendering the Animation Nodes version, in particular animations, Blender unexpectedly crashes. The error console mentions EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION. What happened?!

This may be related to outstanding issue #1200 with Blender/Animation Nodes which is still being worked on.  

Current workarounds for large animations are to try rendering from the command line.  Make sure your work is regularly saved in case you encounter this bug.

I have a new feature suggestion or issue with the addon. Who do I contact?

You can either contact me through my Blender Market page or contact me through twitter @markkingsnorth.

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