Tree Forge V1.0 - Procedural Tree Generator For Blender 3.3+

by barella's assets in Models

"Tree Forge" is a Blender addon for procedural tree modeling that allows users to create highly detailed and realistic trees with ease.

With Tree Forge, users can create trees with a wide range of shapes and sizes by adjusting parameters such as trunk thickness, height, and curvature. They can also customize the branching patterns, leaf distribution, and overall density of the foliage.

Additionally the tool provides complete UV unwrapped models for the tree

All textures are from AmbientCG and

Here's some features highlight:


On average the trees will be generated varying from 80k for small objects to a max of 850/900k for huge 40mt+ trees and over 60k leaves instanced


With the addition of specific use case features such as the single/multiple trunk splitting and the random/shaped branching you can easily and quickly achieve a wide range of differents plants

using the nested group " preset name curve" you can easily acces and manipulate the way multiple trunk trees bend and extend

Included with the generator are 5 ready made presets:


oak tree

cherry blossom tree

bluewood tree

stone pine

stay tuned for updates

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Blender Version 3.3
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