Trash Kit - 3D Assetkit

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Using the Asset Kit

Download and unzip the *, or the *_FBX if you want to import it into another 3D Package.

For Blender you will find anything in the unpacked folder. Use the "TrashKit.blend" right away or if you want to use it inside any other Blendfile just append the "TrashKit + GeoNodes" Collection from the Collections as shown in the tutorial :)

TrashKit GeoNode Group Tutorials

There is a tutorial for the GeoNode Group:

And here you will also find another one specific for the curve draw functionality:

Texture Resolution

The texture resolutions in this pack when you open it up are optimized, so most users can handle it with their GPU without changing anything.

If you need higher resolution just go to File > External Data > Find Missing Files, and check the N-panel checkbox "Find All" here. Now you can enter every 4k folder in the textures and just hit "Find Missing Files" all will be assigned automatically.

GeoScatter -  Installation of .scatpack

1. Download and extract the "*" to your desired location. Please note that the "TrashKit.blend", the "trashkit_geoscatter_biomes.scatpack" and the "textures" folder have to stay together inside of this folder.

2. Now go to Blender Preferences > File Paths and add this folder path containing the TrashKit.blend and the .scatpack to your Asset Libraries.

3. All versions of GeoScatter will now be able find the file and it's assets once you load the included .scatpack via the GeoScatter Manager

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