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by Bproduction in Models

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  • Emi Shimada
    4 days ago

    I am satisfied with the abundance of vehicles. Personally, I would have been happy if the doors could be opened, but it seems impossible due to the integrated parts.

  • Vectorr66
    13 days ago

    I have been waiting a while to get this product and I am not disappointed at all. The models are top-notch!

  • roygray
    3 months ago

    Excellent Add-On

  • Robert Sibek
    5 months ago

    Amazing addon with high detailed vehicles. Models are perfect and the interfaces is very easy to follow. Thanks.

  • Kakic Universe
    about 1 year ago

    Great Product, does exactly what they said it does!

  • Eric Estingoy-Devignac
    over 1 year ago

    Another ground breaking addon by BProduction! I was a little bit scared about its usage but it's as simple as a click and drop. Cars have the best quality/weight ratio, and they were smart enough to incorporate useful vehicules of everyday life from all over the world. It's nice to put an italian supercar in your scene but for most of archviz artists it's not realistic at all. In real life you'll see more Kia, Peugeot or Mercedes than Lamborghini. I'm more than pleased with this addon!

    Cependant les amis, il y a quelques petits soucis mineurs que j'aimerais vous indiquer. Comme déjà indiqué, il serait vraiment cool que l'on puisse ajouter de la poussière ou de la salissure sur les voitures. Certes elles sont belles mais jurent parfois avec le reste de la scène surtout pour ceux qui ajoutent des détails de partout. Elles sont trop propres, trop nettes. Un shader sur les bas de caisse et sur les pneus/jantes serait déjà un plus non négligeable. Ensuite je trouve que le matériau pour les jantes mériterait un petit restylage. Sur certains modèles comme la Merco S63 il est un peu flat. Troisièmement, le choix dans les 2 roues style vélo est un peu bizarre. L'ajout d'un VTT ou d'un simple vélo de route serait super. Et enfin, et ça ce serait vraiment le truc que nous sommes beaucoup à attendre : un éditeur de plaques d'immatriculation. Pourquoi pas d'abord choisir une plaque qui correspond plus ou moins à notre pays et puis de pouvoir taper le numéro qui sera généré automatiquement. Ça ce serait vraiment un truc de fou.

    Désolé pour le pavé mais encore merci pour votre boulot, je vais finir par avoir la collection complète!

  • Cemal Kizildag
    over 1 year ago

    Exactly as advertised at great value

  • FuzzyTues
    almost 2 years ago

    Great add-on! The Rigacar add-on makes this even better.

  • Corniger
    almost 2 years ago

    Outstanding. I just use this product for Archviz, solely low poly, and my clients are super happy. As in: they don't mention them, which shows they fulfill their purpose, seem natural. Coloring a car is super easy, you don't have to fiddle around with shaders so make them unobtrusive enough not to distract from the main subject.
    There are also enough types of vehicles included so you can match the potential buyer's demographics.
    The only "room for improvement" imo would be to be able to snap them properly onto uneven terrain, slopes etc., so you don't have to do 100 micro rotations.

    Full support! I'll buy all these guys are making, I I haven't already, Grassblade is still missing...

  • fooox
    almost 2 years ago


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