Tracegenius Pro 2.2 - Advanced 2D Image To 3D Tracer

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TraceGenius Pro: Advanced 2D Image to 3D Tracer

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you transform 2D images into extraordinary 3D creations? Say hello to TraceGenius Pro, the ultimate solution for artists and designers seeking precision and efficiency in image-to-3D conversions.

Why TraceGenius Pro?

TraceGenius Pro empowers you to effortlessly extract shapes from any image and seamlessly convert them into detailed 3D geometry. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your creative journey, TraceGenius Pro provides a comprehensive set of features to enhance and speedup your workflow and achieve unparalleled results.

Key Features:

Drag-and-drop or open image files with ease

Extract outlines or faces for customized 3D results

Invert image selection for creative flexibility

Fine-tune with color/brightness thresholds

Extrude and bevel extracted shapes for intricate detailing

Separate individual parts after mesh generation

Utilize an advanced algorithm for clean and efficient mesh/geometry

    TraceGenius Pro takes the complexity out of 3D conversion, offering a user-friendly experience with powerful tools for extracting shapes, adjusting details, and achieving superior mesh quality.

    Who is this addon for?

    Everyone, all digital artists

    TraceGenius Pro is designed for all digital artists, designers, and 3D modelers seeking a streamlined and efficient image-to-3D conversion process. Whether you're working on logo modeling and animations, concept art, or 3D printing, TraceGenius Pro is your key to unlocking the full potential of image-based 3D modeling.
    If you've struggled with other methods of converting images to 3D, TraceGenius Pro provides a robust solution with its innovative features and advanced algorithm. No matter your skill level or the complexity of your project, TraceGenius Pro is here to redefine and simplify your image-to-3D workflow.

    Supported Image Formats.

    TraceGenius Pro supports JPG, PNG and Webp image file formats.

    The quality of the output mesh is directly related to the quality of the input image, hence, its recommended to use a high contrasting image with good amount of resolution and sharp edges as input, instead of a blurry image with poor resolution and contrast.

    Keywords from TraceGenius Pro reviews

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    Read all reviews here.

    How To Install

    Watch the full installation guide here:

    FAQ & Additional Information

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    Join us in empowering the software we all love. Elevate your creations while supporting the heart of Blender.
    Thank you for being part of this incredible journey! ğŸŒŸğŸŽ¨

    🚀 Exciting Updates Coming Up

    Get ready for a wave of upgrades coming soon! Exciting times ahead! Stay tuned for some additional game-changing features. Your feedback and creativity drive our evolution.

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    v2.2 (26/6/24)
    • FIXED: Color Threshold notification error resolved

    v2.1 (4/6/24)
    • FIXED: Compatibility issues resolved with Blender versions 4.0 and above.

    v2.0 (1/6/24)

    • NEW: Accuracy[Resolution] Slider - You can now adjust how accurate you want the tracer to be, when tracing an image.

    • NEW: Dicing - In addition to the default N-Gons, you now have the option to dice(loop-cut) the traced Mesh.
      Note: Please ensure you are in "Top Viewpoint/View mode" before clicking on "Finalize" for the best result.

      Both features are now accessible in the Main Panel.

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    License GPL
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