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by Nendo Creative in Addons

Latest Version: 4.0.2  (04/07/2024)

Recently added features:
- Support for Blender +v4.0 Released
- auto save/load preferences
- Node/Image editor improvements

Blender versions older than 3.6 should use the older version of this add-on, currently included with download.


This add-on is designed to improve the user experience of Blender for users without immediate access to a keyboard or mouse. It provides many customizable UI improvements to cater to your workflow needs.

Viewport Touch Control

Pan, Rotate, and Zoom the viewport with your finger.

The viewport has been updated to use 3 interactive "hot regions" to control the camera position.

If you are a pen tablet user; the pen will still draw, while your finger can be used to control the camera.

If your tablet doesn't support touch; you can set the middle mouse button to activate the control regions in the add-on settings.

Control 3D View by:

  • Pan by dragging for the middle of the viewport
  • Zoom by dragging along the left or right edge of the viewport
  • Rotate by dragging the remaining space in the viewport

2D Views have access to Zoom and Pan controls.

Additional Details

Touch Controls come with a toggleable overlay which can be assigned colors.

It is recommended to disable the overlay once you are comfortable with the size of each touch region, or set the transparency very low. (note: the overlay will not be shown in the render output)

You may chose to switch the Pan and Rotate regions. If you lock the viewport rotation, Panning can be done anywhere between the Zoom control regions.

Customizable Double-tap action

Double-tap to trigger one of the following actions:

  • "Transfer Mode" to change the active object
  • Toggle Touch Control
  • Toggle Local View
  • Toggle Full-screen Viewport (default)
note: this feature only works by tapping your finger or clicking to prevent the pen from accidentally triggering it while drawing

Custom On-screen Buttons

Important features have been made available directly in the viewport. Each button can be toggled on/off from the overlay menu.

The following on-screen buttons are currently available:

  • Undo/Redo
  • Toggle Fullscreen Viewport
  • Toggle Quad-view
  • Recenter Viewport
  • Change Rotation Center Point
  • Toggle N-panel
  • Toggle Viewport Rotation Lock
  • Topology Control

Additional Details

Toggle Quad-view

Quad-view may sometimes replace the perspective viewport with an orthographic viewport when toggled off and on. This may cause the main viewport rotation to be automatically locked. Simply unlock it with the on-screen button.

Recenter Viewport

This attempts to bring the active object back into view. If the origin is misaligned, it may not work perfectly.

Viewport Rotation Lock

Quickly jump through subdivision levels, subdivide and unsubdivide right from the viewport.

A yellow icon means the next subdivision step needs to be calculated. It will automatically try to subdivide/unsubdivide when clicked.

A red icon means you have reached your subdivision limit and it will not try to subdivide further. You may change the maximum subdivision levels available for the on-screen buttons to limit accidental subdivision.

note: the subdivision limit only applies to increasing subdivision levels. You may unsubdivide as much as Blender is able.

Sculpt Brush Dynamics

This feature allows you to quickly access the UI for brush resizing and strength control in sculpt mode.

Fully Customizable Floating Menu

This button allows you to assign up to 7 commands, unique to each edit mode (object, sculpt, texture paint, weight paint, etc) and reposition it where ever you want, to best fit your workspace. If you don't need it, simply disable it in the settings menu.

Feature Roadmap

If you have a suggestion for more features, please check if it's on this list before submitting a request on Github.

I'm continuing to look at features which could improve the experience of Blender without adding too much clutter to the UI.

Currently, I'm planning to add the following features:

  • scalable Gizmos
  • auto-retopology levels

This list will change as I explore options and get more user feedback.


Please report any issues you find and I'll do my best to address them.

The add-on is free, but if it helps you, please consider supporting me by downloading it here on Blender Market.

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Published about 2 years ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
License GPL
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