Styriam Toolty

by Styriam sp. z o.o. in Addons


  1. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Add-on -> Install... and choose the addon zip file.
  2. Find and enable Styriam Toolty addon.


Delete the add-on before installing it again or delete pycache folder inside the add-on. 

Output Helpers

File Output >> Image

Convert File Output (only multilayer EXR) to Image node and preserve all connections. After conversion, do not delete, disconnect or alter layer names of File Output. Unchanged File Output will be needed to restore the original state.

This operator will try to find an existing image file instead of baking a new one. If you already have a file with the same name try changing output path or run compositing nodes first to overwrite that file.

Usage: Select File Node.

Image >> Source

Delete Image node and restore original connections.

Usage: Select File Node and Image node

Names from Links

Copy names of linked nodes or link unconnected nodes.


  • Select only File Output to copy names of respective linked sockets.
  • Select a few nodes with File Node as the last one to connect all occupied sockets to File Output. Names will be generated in the node selection order. Repeating names will be converted according to the pattern: {node name}__{socket name}

Quick Cache

Quick Cache Node

Insert cache node after selected node. Cache node can be muted or deleted like regular node, cache file format can be set in the editor properties panel (N).

Bake Quick Cache

Run compositing nodes to finalize baking. The cache will be saved in //Compositor Quick Cache/ or /tmp/Compositor Quick Cache/ for unsaved blend files.

Usage: Select a cache node.

Bake Animation Cache

Bake cache for scene frame range.

Usage: Select a cache node.

Disable Cache for Rendering & Animation Baking

When enabled, disables cache node during rendering and animation baking. It safeguards you against forgotten one frame (or incomplete) caches during animation compositing.

Full Render for Animation Cache Baking

When enabled, renders all render layers for every frame during animation baking.


Automate animating characters picking up or handing over objects. This operator tries to inserts necessary keyframes and generate Child Of constraints.

Usage: Select object/s and click "Pick/Drop Object" button in Animation Helpers (in Styriam category of viewport properties panel).

  • Select two objects:
    The first one is being picked (child), the second is grabbing it (parent). Meshes, cameras, lights and bones can be selected. Selection of an armature object will be converted to its active bone.
    To select specific pose bone as a picker, first in Object Mode select the grabbed object then an armature as a second object and go to Pose Mode to select the bone of your choosing.
  • Select one object:
    If only one object is selected Picker will find active constraint and insert all necessary keyframes to detach the object from its handler.
    When parenting object to a bone other than IK target remember to keyframe the target bone nonetheless.

Picker will handle picking up objects with active rigid body simulation but Rigid Body Helpers won't handle Child Of constraints, so remember to detach object first.

Current limitations: Picker does not handle NLA tracks - it means that created actions need to be converted to NLA tracks manually if you want to use them this way. Existing NLA action stripes will not be updated.

Parenting Panel

Set scope of visible dynamic parents:

  • Active - constraints of active object or bone
  • Selected - constraints of selected objects and all of their bones
  • All - list constraints of all objects in the scene.

Select objects by clicking their names.

Use Snap to Keyframe arrow buttons to go to the constraint animation frame range boundaries.

Use the indicator to read parenting influence state: Blank dot - 0, Full dot - 1, Yellow diamond - keyframe value 1, Blue diamond - keyframe value 0

Bake constraint to keyframes.

Delete constraint.

Rigid Body Helpers

Automate inserting keyframes of kinematic property or render/viewport visibility for many objects at once.

Usage: Select objects and click one of the buttons in Animation Helpers.

  • Toggle (ON/OFF keyframes) will insert a pair of complementary keyframes – previous frame: ON, current frame: OFF (or in reversed order)
  • Include loc/rot keying option will try to insert visual keyframes when necessary to make objects behave correctly after disabling rigid body simulation.

Rigid Body Helper operators do NOT take care of Child Of constraints. You should detach your objects of their handlers using Pick/Drop Object operator before starting rigid body simulation.

Keyframe Custom Property

Insert keyframe to any animatable property via python data path.

Usage: Select objects, type data path and value, click "Insert Keys" button in "Keyframe Custom Property" panel in Animation Helpers (Styriam category of viewport properties panel).

  • Property: property data path starting from "object".
    E.g.: to keyframe "object.location" of selected objects type "location".
    Use [:] to iterate over arrays like bones, materials.


  • property: material_slots[:].material.node_tree.nodes['A node'].inputs['Emission'].default_value
    value: (0,1,0,1)
    will iterate over all materials of selected objects and keyframe Emission input of "A node" as green.
  • property: material_slots[:].material.node_tree.nodes[:].inputs['Emission'].default_value
    value: (0,1,0,1)
    will iterate over all nodes of all materials of selected objects and keyframe all Emission inputs as green.

Isolate Light

Isolate selected light or mesh light with respect to lights and objects that are already hidden.

Usage: Select lights, click "Isolate Light" button in Object Mode context menu (right mouse button) or in context menu of Outliner.

Click "Restore Lights" to revert back to your previous configuration.

This operator will try to find mesh lights by Emission nodes but in some situations it may fail.

Scan Utils

  • Fill Selection Holes
    Fill empty spaces inside your selection. Useful for separating objects in 3D scans.
  • Constrain Selection to Linked Active
    Remove islands that are not directly connected to your active island from selection.

UV Utils

  • UV Stats
    Print stats of selected UVs.
    Calculate new texture size according to given texel density and area coverage.
    Covering - coverage of selected mesh's UV
    Density - texel density of selected mesh
    New size - suggested size of texture given new hipothetical texel density
    Density (new covering) - texel density after conversion to new hipothetical coverage ratio
    New size (new covering) - suggested size of texture given new hipothetical coverage and density

    Use case example:
    1. You have got an unwrapped real scale object and you want to decide on texture size given density of 20482px/m2.
    Type 2048**2 in Target Density [px/m2], hit UV Stats and read New size
  • Fill to Density
    Fill mesh selection up to given texel density.
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