Three Layer Rendering

by Olivier Crespo Barrio in Addons

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  • Alexander Kislyakov
    3 months ago

    I would gladly pay $10 for sorting view layers alone (which honestly should be a built-in feature in Blender, but oh well), so thank you so much for this addon. I haven't tested all the functions yet, but already have a feature request :) Would it be possible to add view layer sorting without the need to do other stuff first?

    BTW, it works in the latest stable 4.1, but doesn't in 4.2 Alpha, in case you want to get ahead with updates.

    • Olivier Crespo Barrio

      3 months ago

      Hi! Thank you by your purchase...
      Request accepted for next release (Which will be tomorrow or Thursday)...
      I use to wait until 10 days from a new Blender release, because they change a lot of things on last week before releasing...

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Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
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