The Tree Primary

by BlackSmithPictures in Models

Trees are Life... Trees are Emotion...2.0 ;)  But create them is painful... So, tired of spending hours modeling and texturing Trees for all your scenes? So was I! And that’s why I’ve created this pack of 18 different  Tree models to quickly add realistic Trees to any render! From a simple BroadLeaves Forest to the driest Desert with the lonely Acacia or on the Sunny beaches of the Caribbean. "The oaks and the pines, and their brethren of the wood, have seen so many suns rise and set, so many seasons come and go, and so many generations pass into silence, that we may well wonder what "the story of the trees" would be to us if they had tongues to tell it, or we ears fine enough to understand." -Maud Van Buren Features: [v 2.0]MODELS:

  • 3 Desert Trees [ Layer 1 ]
  • 8 BroadLeaves [ Layer 2 ]
  • 2 Conifers [ Layer 3 ]
  • 3 Tropical Trees [ Layer 4 ]
  • 1 Special Pumpkins Vines [Layer 5]

All the Trees are modelled with simple geometry and the Leaves are Joined with the rest of the model. MATERIALS: [v 2.0] Materials are set up with Specular, Color, Occlusion and Normal maps for accurare photorealistic behaviour.  All the Textures are grouped in a folder for each Tree. Thanks to this New Update newest models have a PBR material created following B.Guru teachings.   All the Rends were created with Tree Primary and purchasing this pack you will obtain all the Trees models.