The Stuff Pack

by Fairly Managed Studios in Models

The stuff pack

This pack is filled with baubles, tchotchkes, trinkets, and just "stuff" that will add a little more depth to any scene you choose.

It's great filler!

You've just finished a large scene and spent so much time on it! But it feels... empty. Something's missing. It doesn't feel lived in or there's just not enough "fluff". You realize that you need more "things", items that are just there but happen to be an integral part of any scene. You don't want to spend even more time modelling these small items, you've got grander things to move on to. I made this pack with the intention of allowing artists to get their desired look more quickly and with less hassle.

It's cheap!

This pack is reasonably priced at $5 USD, it contains 18 unique items that will subtly add more depth to your scenes, but the difference is the barrier between CG-ish and photo-realism. This pack includes:
  • Four (4) different vases, easily scalable for any scene.
  • Four (4) blue depression era glass bottles.
  • Three (3) green depression era glass bottles.
  • One oversized jack, great filler for that empty coffee table.
  • Two (2) hourglasses, complete with procedurally textured sand.
  • One decorative metal ball, good for taking up space in a bookshelf.
  • One decorative, oversized alarm clock, can hang or lean on a wall.
  • And one hanging (or tabletop) Dodecahedron Star.

Easily customizable

All material nodes associated with this pack are effortless to understand and easily changed, for maximum artistic license.  
Sales 10+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 8 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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