The Seraphim Trooper Girl

by TomCAT Character Art in Models


The Seraphim Trooper Girl is a set of 2 rigged characters; a mecha armro suit and a woman pilot. They can be moved and animated separately or linked so they move as one. The armor has multiple configurations to achieve custom looks, and the pilot has a a couple outfits. She also has lots of expressions, poses, outfits, colors, and a a couple weapons. The pilot has a modular design so clothing and hair will be compatible with other TomCAT characters.* It is a joy to pose or animate her with expressions and see her come to life!

Made with blender 4.0


  • 2 rigged & linkable characters; pilot and armor
  • Multiple armor configurations, 2 outfits, and 2 weapons
  • 86 expressions, 29 hand poses, 34 body & armro poses
  • Many color options and 162 textures
  • Apple Arkit & Vrchat/Occulus blendshapes

Clothing is cross compatible between models*


CUSTOMIZABLE ARMOR 31 pieces can be mixed and matched in a variety of light and heavy variants, including a heavy robot. The armor also has it's own rig so it can be used on it's own.

PILOT TO ARMOR SYNCHRONIZE The pilot can be constrained to the armor. When you move and animate the armor, the pilot follows.

MODULAR DESIGN Standardized pilot body so clothing and hair are cross compatible between models based on the “Female A” body type. See video walkthrough to see how it works.

EXPRESSIONS 85 facial feature poses saved in a pose library.

POSES 29 hand, 24 body poses and 10 Armor poses saved in a pose library.

SHAPEKEYS 51 Apple ARkit blendshapes - tested with live link face. 12 VRC/Occulus blendshapes - blend shapes only. model is not VRC ready.


  • Seraphim_Upper_Torso
  • Seraphim_Backpack
  • Seraphim_Canopy_front
  • Seraphim_Canopy_front_Glass
  • Seraphim_Canopy_rear
  • Seraphim_Canopy_rear_glass
  • Seraphim_Robohead
  • Seraphim_Torso.neck-gasket
  • Seraphim_Torso.surround
  • Seraphim_Legs
  • Seraphim_chest_thin
  • Seraphim_Canopy_lower
  • Seraphim_Chest_open
  • Seraphim_skirt
  • Seraphim_Neck
  • Seraphim_Trunk
  • Seraphim_Pistol


  • spaceJumpSuit
  • SpaceLegs
  • SpaceBoots
  • Bodysuit
  • Choker
  • Hair
  • Ponytail
  • Bun
  • Front dangles
  • Front up
  • Unica6 Pistol

ADJUSTABLE COLORS Most items have multiple color options or adjustments. 172 textures, most are 2k or 4k

ADJUSTABLE CHEST SIZE Size can be adjusted with a shapekey on the body & clothing meshes.

ADJUSTABLE BODY SIZE Limbs can be adjusted slightly thicker.


  • Armor light configuration: 18,218 tris
  • Armor heavy configuration: 30,120 tris
  • Pilot Body: 19,088 tris
  • Face details: 8,606 tris
  • Jumpsuit: 9,358 tris
  • Leggings: 3.486 tris
  • Boots: 5,126 tris
  • Bodysuit: 6,920 tris
  • Choker: 416
  • Ponytail: 18,412 tris
  • Unica6: 5.401 tris
  • Seraphim Pistol: 5,544 tris

Sales 10+
Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
Render Engine Used Cycles
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Rigged, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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