Kinetic Trace With Geometry Nodes (3 In 1)

by codesignprojects in Modifier Setups

A pure GeometryNodes setup of a "kinetic fluid art" effect, with a custom object following a user defined curve and carving a shape on its way. There are multiple different files included, with different examples of how to use the node tree. (See links below)

A custom "effector object" (here a sphere, you can set up any mesh), displaces the fluid particle grains along its path, tracing out whatever shape you desire. Since the setup is made for ease of use, you can instance any object on the points, and replace the "fluid particles" to any material you wish to draw within.

The strength and speed of displacement is adjustable. With additional controls included, you can create a "fade effect", where the tracks are gradually covered, the handy way to create loops for decorative interior designs, sci-fi effects and so on.

(In the examples the "carve" object is animated by audio values. It, of course, van be driven by any value you wish)


Video here, here, here, and here.



-(Since it is a concept demonstration, it is kept as simple as possible.) The GeoNodes trees are kept clean for easier readability and have detailed explanations. Everything is built from the base. The point of these setups is to provide a base core of the concept, node from node, instead of contracting all into node groups with exposed settings, which makes everything harder to read and dissect.

You can embellish, refine as you wish based on the core or realize your own ideas.

-Read the text description, it has a lot of useful info !

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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
License Creative Commons
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