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The CGFigures Asset Library is a collection of science-specific assets, shaders, and tools made for scientific visualization. While it was originally directed at working scientists and researchers it is available for anyone with an interest in scientific and engineering visualization in Blender.

The library includes over three years of work compiled in one place. Everything contained that I have made is public domain so it can be used for any purpose and many of the individual assets have detailed walkthroughs on the cgfigures YouTube channel. There is also a launch video for the library that outlines all the assets contained within as of its initial release. 

The full library can also be accessed here at for free for an indefinite trial period. It is part of my commitment to making research accessible to everyone. All versions of the library are updated at the same time. If you can support the library or are interested in doing so I strongly recommend doing so on blendermarket as 25% of all sales go to supporting the development fund. 

Many of the models are customizable through geometry nodes and have been tested in up to Blender version 4.0. Others are real-world scale with a focus on chemistry glassware and basic hardware for automation.

At a glance the library contains:

  • A variety of molecules (graphene, amino acids, perovskites, metal dichalcogenides, lithium cobalt oxide, and more)
  • A basic set of real-world scale laboratory glassware (round bottom flasks, conical flasks, condensers, graduated cylinders, vials, beakers, and more)
  • An assortment of real-world scale basic hardware (24V power supply, stepper motors, aluminum extrusions, 1.75 mm 3D printing filament)
  • Simple biological models (cells, cell membranes, biomacromolecules)
  • Several geonodes tools for scattering, generating single wavelengths of light, creating real-world scale rulers and 3D print-ready storage solutions
  • A data-filled geonodes-based version of the periodic table for visualizing chemical trends
  • Tools for quickly generating common scientific figures including porous membranes, basic solar cell and transistor layer stacks, simple polymer 'beads on a string' diagrams, and more
  • Simple lighting tools for quickly using Blender's material preview lighting in final renders
  • A startup file with configured spaces for working with assets
  • A file containing render settings for a wide range of scientific journals (presets for 300 dpi renders with the journal-provided dimensions)
  • And more to come!

Update 1:

  • Semi-procedural, real world scale models for needles and syringes
  • New controls for nearly all glassware assets (except condensers) to add simple, customizable 'liquids'
  • Real world scale spatulae and scoopula in both metal and plastic with adjustable 'grunge'
  • Real world scale, customizable push pins (the first of more office supplies)
  • New random offset tools for papers to pages


- All assets contained within were made by me in Blender with two exceptions:

  • A single CC0 cork texture was used from (Thank you Lennart Demes).
  • The default world lighting available in Blender for material preview has been setup for quick lighting setups. 

- Not all assets are compatible with older versions of Blender. For best results Blender 3.5 onwards is recommended

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