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  • S
    about 2 years ago

    This Add-On is good, if you are only considering this tool, primarily for text layout.
    Suggestions for updates that would improve the Add-On:

    -Custom Kerning.
    -Text Styles that "Hot Swap" (currently, it adds an additional extruded text instead of altering the active selected).
    -Rename "Edit Text" in the Advanced section to "Convert" (the Edit Text field in "PARAMETERS" is sufficient, I found the second addition confusing. Can give odd results if a text style with a Stroke is selected.) Convert to mesh, paired with ANIMAX is a nice combo.
    -Moving the check boxes for "Underline" and "Bold" up to PARAMETERS may make more sense. Also gives strange results if the text in PARAMETERS/Edit text is different than than it is in the "Edit Text" Panel.
    -Not sure if I would ever use the "Add Spline" tab. Maybe to save the step of rotating the text by 90 degrees when adding as a new object? Maybe rename and put in the "Creation" section, up top.
    -The modify tab gives results that are quick and simple. Feels like MACHIN3 Tools, very nice.
    -Larger selection of pre-made styles, and bevel profiles. (Ex: Element 3D for After Effects has many nice ones.)
    -Font and Bevel, should be the second section after CREATION/PARAMETERS, I kept wanting the two to be closer, it was a long way for my eyes to wander while working quickly.
    -Font selection by drop-down instead of loading individually from folder.
    -Consistent Capitalization of text headers "Edit text, extruder, bevel, Spacing" was bothering me. I'm sorry, yes this one is super nit-picky.

    Otherwise, does a decent job at creating text in a way that is simpler than doing it with Vanilla Blender. Nice work.

  • X
    almost 3 years ago

    "shift + control + t" to open the pie menu each time is a bit awkward for me personally. I would like to see an option to add it to n-panels like other text addons i own. i haven't used this much yet. will continue to compare it to other text addons. first thoughts before even buying is $16 is a lot vs what the other text addons currently cost. but tbh i bought this figuring i might not even use it & to help support future development. i figure most people will buy the other text addons. so i would say add more features or lower the price for now if you care about more sales. if not, it's all good. the pie menu could be more useful than i am giving it credit for some & maybe myself later. will have to figure out how to remap it to something less awkward. but would still like to have n-panel option in addon prefs.

    hopefully this will become even better than other addons. but at this point all the text addons i own leave a bit to be desired. so much so that i might get motivated to create my own text addon one day. was hoping for a lot more buying all the text addons on BM. Such is life, hopefully you will be coming out with new versions soon & i won't need to hack around with addons anymore than i already have been. hope this helps everyone. :)

    • Fine Studio

      almost 3 years ago

      I know your problem. I will remove the "shift + control + T" key to an easier key. I will also add to n panel in next update(in v1.0.2).

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