Texel Density Checker

by Ivan Vostrikov in Scripts and Addons

With Texel Density Checker you can: 

  • Calculate Texel Density for model for different texture size (includes non-squared textures and custom size)
  • Rescale UV for getting texel density what you want
  • Copy Texel Density from one object to others
  • Select faces for same Density

It is Addon with GNU GPL License. You can download source code from GitHub

Texel Density Checker simple for use. You need select your mesh (or faces) and texture size and just click button.

Units – Different Texel Density units: px/cm, px/m, px/in, px/ft.

Texture Size – Texture Size for calculation Texel Density. Parameter have presets for squared textures. Also you can set custom size (select "Custom"). Supports any aspect ratio.

Texel Density – Current Texel's value. This value calculate with click button "Calculate TD". It is average value all or selected UV islands.

Set Texel Density – Set the Texel Density. Addon calculates the current TD value and rescale UV islands for get entered TD value.

Set Method – Set TD Methods. Each - Each island will be rescale individually; Average - All islands will be rescale proportionally.

Calc -> Set Value – Copy Value from “Calculate TD” to “Set TD” text field.

Peset Buttons for Quick Set Texel Density.

TD from Active to Others – Copy TD Value from Active to Selected Object.

Filled UV Space – The percentage of filling UV Space. This value can be greater than 100%. This value is for reference only.

Select Faces with same TD – Select Faces with same Texel Density. Select only one face and click Button.