Tandem Canoe

by winthrop brookhouse in Models

A Tandem Canoe with an oar, done in all quads with minimum vertices. Parts are separate but all are well named and the textures match the part names. All the textures are handmade and all objects are uv'd. Scaling is set to a standard person height as found in DAZ, Poser,etc.  I have used an Empty that all parts of the canoe are parented too for easy positioning. Cycles is the render engine. Created in 2.79b

A totally quad based model of a tandem canoe. Parts are grouped to an empty for easy placement. Naming is easy to understand and textures are named same as objects. All objects are uv'd and textured with hand painted textures for greater detail.

Are the parts editable?

Yes, each part of the canoe is separate so editing or modify it can easily be done. The parts are parented to an empty called " Canoe Positioner" So you can reach all the parts from inside its hierarchy .

Can I use this model in commercial renders?

Yes, it is a royalty free blender model. You can not resell the actually model itself.

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