Synthgen V1

by AL3K in Modifier Setups

Generate custom synthesizers with Geometry Nodes.

SYNTHGEN is a Modular Synth Visualizer addon for Blender that provides an intuitive toolset for generating unique 3D modular synthesizer models.Using Blender's geometry nodes, SYNTH-GEN allows for randomized generation of modules, knobs, buttons, and components to enable the creation of unlimited modular synth designs.

Musicians can use SYNTH-GEN to quickly mock up modular rigs for videos and album art. 3D artists can explore abstract geometries and conceptual instruments. Synth enthusiasts can experiment with different virtual setups. Game developers can generate procedural modular assets. And Blender users get access to new creative nodes potential.

Whether you need to iterate modular concepts quickly, visualize hypothetical rigs, or explore new modular design spaces, SYNTHGEN delivers an intuitive procedural workflow right within Blender.

Things you can customize:

Synth Size:

Choose from 9 Keys Sizes: 13,25,37,44,49,61,71,76,88

Body Type:

Each Synth Keys Size have it’s own body types. Currently there are 3 body types, more to come in future updates.


You can change the colors of:

  • Body Color

  • Modules Master Panel Color

  • LED Pads Color

  • Decals-A

  • Decals-B

  • Black Keys Color

  • White Keys Color

  • LCD Screen Color


You can control the density you want the modules to appear on module panels.

Modules Selectors

Each Body size has a master module panel, an output panel and a mod panel.

The master module panel has 9 Slots of individual module selectors

The output panel has 6 individual output module selectors

The mod panel has one individual module selector

Types of Individual Modules

  • Sliders

  • Knobs

  • Buttons

  • Pads

  • Led Pads

  • Switches

  • Patch Points

  • LCD Screens

  • Output components

In the Mixed Collections the individual modules are mixed, for example elements from Switches+knobs+LCD Screen individual modules are combined into single individual modules.

*Note: To Apply the modifier check the "Ready to Apply" at the bottom.

Dev Fund Contributor
Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5
License Creative Commons
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