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by Extruded Knowledge in Addons

SwitchR (Smart)

This is the little brother of our BatchR Addon. SwitchR is made to speed up the workflow during your Archviz projects. Spend less time on Shader implementation but using our 1-Click Material methods. Add your own favorite Materials and apply and browse them in seconds through your models.  

(!Note: all previews are from our BatchR-Addon - as the functions shown here are the same!)


  • Easily repair and improve Mesh from bad imports
  • 1-Click Materials (more than 30 CC0 Textures included)
  • Toggle Switch between a set of HDRI's
  • Enhance Realism in seconds (add fuzz, scratches, fingerprints etc.)
  • Set origin to bottom, center or top
  • Recalculate normals, clear sharp edges and many more

For ArchViz

Don't you find yourself limited with the long process of finding the right Materials or tweaking them for more realism? Yeah, me too! The shader optimization tends to be a tedious path that suck a lot of lifetime. Well, and therefore I've created BatchR + SwitchR. They automate as much work as possible so you can focus on the creative end during your projects. 1-Click Materials idea to be able to switch shader immediately and have instant visual feedback on what matches my scene. In the end, I also tried to come up with a 1-Click Whole Scene Affecting shader appliance method to save even more time on unnecessary tweaking, as we know that we tend to get lost in the wrong details, so the Smart Wizards were born. Just add some empty shaders to your mesh and name them properly (like wood, leather, etc.). Really, try it out, its Amazing! 


SwitchR Smart comes with this amazingly smart 1-Click Materials wizard. Give your Materials proper names, select the Mesh of your choice and hit the button! Booom!

Everything in this addon is optimized for speed, as you often will come across bad mesh/textures and other issues (e.g. wrong size, bad normals, hard edges, etc.). You're now able to quickly fix either automatically by using the wizards or navigate through the single function buttons to easily optimize your AssetsSwitchR does this for you within seconds. Focus on more important tasks like concept, design & composition during your ArchViz projects

Known Bugs

With all being said, consider SwitchR as work in progress (WIP), with it's own limitations that will be hopefully fixed in future. Known Issues are:

  • Some textures may change the material node setup irreversibly
  • When clicking through materials or some other SwitchR functions while being in render mode and then hit “undo” (CTRL + Z) Blender will force close immediately. Happens more often with low (V-)RAM Hardware.
  • Adding (and browsing through) Scratches and Fingerprints leads to messy shader nodes placement
  • "1-Click Materials" assigns wrong shaders - Well, this is not perfect yet, but perhaps only an update or two ahead. Right now, if you use the Wizard, it won't assign all your materials exactly with the same shader name (f.e. "Concrete" won't choose the concrete map, but the first material of its category, which is "Wall", the same goes for Gold, Copper etc.). This will be fixed soon!  


I'm excited to collect your feedback to improve BatchR & SwitchR more and more. Join our Discord Server here https://discord.gg/EYz7zhck Have fun and thank you for choosing SwitchR!

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Published 5 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License GPL
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