Swiss Army Knife

by blender_tommy1441 in Models

Plugins used in this project:

The environment HDRI was downloaded from (licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY license)

The materials are not 100% PBR, they are a simplified version of a PBR Material.

The texture used as scratches can be changed  by you at your liking, although included is the whole set, in a folder called "Scratches"...IK very creative!

All the textures, bumps and normals were created using Insane Bump in Gimp 2.8 and saved in their own individual folder of textures, now the suffix are as follows:

 _n is the normal map,

_s is the specular,

_d is the diffusion (just the color)

_a is the ambient occlusion

_h is the displacement (or height map)

To Move/Scale/Rotate any of the tools, needs to be done by their corresponding Empty and NOT by the mesh itself

I normally use Layers, so check them out if in doubt as to where things are.

There is an extra camera called "Free Camera" which I use as it's name suggests for any closeup or special renders you wish to achieve.


This model was made primarily to be rendered using Blender Cycles, if you have any questions please don't hesitate in contact me