Svg Paper Print Pro

by Douripo in Scripts and Addons

SVG Paper Print is Blender add on to export blender object to SVG format from  front, back, top, bottom, right and left orthographic view. Optimized for paper printing purpose.  It's works on Blender 2.79 and 2.82

SVG Paper Print pro export font to text, curve to path curve, face to path, edge without face to line.

Features :

  • Automatic create paper for preview purpose.
  • Works base layer, so it’s have more control.
  • 7 digit precise on metric, inch feet and pixel have more precise.
  • Fill object base material color.
  • Merge flat face to create clear SVG object on flat faces mesh.
  • Print 3d mesh to SVG precisely.
  • v 1.0.6 print object inside collection only.

Support and bugs report : Blenderartist Post

v 1.0.82 A2 and A3 print output bug fixed

v 1.0.81 A2 and A3 paper size bug fixed

v 1.0.8  Several bug fixed

v 1.0.7 Error when merge flat face turned on fixed

v 1.0.6 SVG Paper Print Pro for Blender 2.82

v 1.0.5 Several bug fixed

v 1.0.4 Merge flat faces print feature added

v 1.0.3 More paper templates.

v 1.0.2  Export front, back, top, bottom, right and left orthographic view.

v 1.0.0 Initial release