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Surface Tools is a collection of tools for creating surface effects in Blender. It includes tools that can generate snow, bricks, leaves, dew drops, dust, car paint, fuzz, scales, spikes, fabric, and patterns. The tools use procedural generation, which means they can create unique and realistic effects.

Procedural Snow

This tool generates snow on the top of any surface in a very natural way. It comes with two shaders, one for the snow and another that simulates a frozen surface, which you can mix with any material.

Procedural Bricks

This tool generates 3D bricks in the surface of an object. You can customize the shape and the scale of the bricks.
Each brick is a separated UV unwrapped 3D mesh.

Leave Scatter

This tool made with Geometry Nodes allows you to scatter leaves on the surface of an object. It uses instances, so you can scatter an insane amount of geometry without using too much memory.

Dew Generator

This simple tool allows you to generate and shape dew drops on the surface of an object. It uses instances, so you can scatter a large amount of dew drops without reaching your memory limit.

Procedural Dust

The DustGen tool is a procedural dust generator that allows you to scatter a layer of geometry dust on the surface of an object. It uses instances, enabling you to scatter millions of dust particles without using too much memory.

Procedural Car Paint with Metal Flakes

This product was made to help you create believable car paintings with holographic 3D metal flakes below the surface. The metal flakes are scattered using Geometry nodes inside the surface and have all the controls that you need.

Fuzz Scatter

What makes our tool stand out is its ability to create fuzz that looks incredibly real. The fuzz is not just a flat texture; it has volume and reacts to light just like real fuzz would. This means that as you move around your model, the fuzz will appear to shift and change, just like it would in real life.

Scales and Spikes

This tool allows you to generate spikes and scales on the surface of an object.

Procedural Fabric

This tool turns your 3d objects into a fully textured woven fabric. It's very easy to use and you can use a Vertex Group as a mask to create torn and wear the fabric.

Surface Pattern

This powerful tool allows you to create 3D patterns on the surface of an object. It creates a grid of meshes and warps it around the object using its UV coordinate. With the UV Mesh Generator, you can easily generate a variety of mesh patterns on the surface of any object, simply by using its UVs. This gives you complete control over the pattern, and allows you to create effects that would be impossible to achieve with traditional methods.

Fiber Layer

This Modifier for Blender allows you to generate fibers on the surface of an object. This unique tool is probably the only way you can create realistic sponges, cotton, lines, strands and webs following the shape of an object

Image to Volume

This unique tool let you generate volumes from any texture. As it uses textures, you can create very complex effects in a matter of seconds!


UV Array

This tool let you to create a grid of instances on the surface of an object that are placed based on the UVs of the mesh.

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