Surface Painter

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  • Tony Grant
    about 2 months ago

    Had this almost a year. One of the best easy super quick and intuitive material quick painter add-on. Customizable, clean interface. I was new to Blender when I got this, this made me feel right at home coming from sketchup.

  • Victor
    about 1 year ago

    Great addon. Just what I need! Thanks a lot!

  • Christer Andersén
    over 1 year ago

    Nice one. Recommended.

  • James Eugene
    over 1 year ago

    This addon is SWEEEEET! I love the way you can select the colors and styles that you need quickly!

  • Rodrigo Martinho
    almost 2 years ago

    Very useful addon, at the time of me writing this comment it comes with both a warning to potential buyers, and a request to the creators of this product:
    "You can't save your own materials, only the colors and color palettes."

    This is, in my humble opinion, the only thing holding this addon back. Having the ability to upload your own materials, plus saving different presets is the thing it needs to get to the next level.

    I have read additional information in your webpage concerning Surface Painter, digital.Arch, and that you plan on building more stuff into it, so I hope you take my oppinion into account, if you haven't have plans for it already as of me writing this.

    Regardless, stellar work, and many thanks :)

  • Jacob W
    almost 2 years ago

    This addon is incredible - it feels like a completely new way to use Blender that is incredibly intuitive and speedy. Thank you!

  • Nathaniel Jones
    almost 2 years ago

    This is an awesome addon. At first I was like hmm, well I can just set up my own materials... but then I started realizing that if you don't have this addon, there's SO MUCH CLICKING just for a basic material. Just get this and forget about it! It's fantastic :D Makes it so much easier. ALSO it's really cool, there's a new button on the T menu for it, so you don't have to even go searching through the N panel. Thank god lol!

    If I had one criticism, it's that I want WAYYY more materials >:) but the 21 included are nice! It'd be great to have fabric, marble, more wood, and maybe even tiles. :)

  • nazza80
    almost 2 years ago

    Great addon! Applying several materials to one object in vanilla blender is clunky. This addon makes it fast and funny! Same story for creating new materials: with this addon is faster. The color palette is really nice. I appreciate also the interface: no need to scroll the crowded N panel to find and use this addon.

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