Surface Geometric Line Generator

by mgh3d in Modifier Setups

Elevate your designs with our cutting-edge Blender geometry node tool, meticulously crafted to generate intricate geometric lines on mesh surfaces. This revolutionary tool empowers you to create captivating visuals with ease and precision.

Unleash Your Artistic Potential

•    Randomized Generation: Harness the power of randomization to generate unique and unpredictable line patterns, ensuring no two creations are ever the same.
•    Density Control: Adjust the density of generated lines to achieve varying levels of complexity and detail, from delicate tracery to dense, eye-catching geometric arrays.
•    Curve Line Radius: Tailor the radius of the generated curve lines to suit your aesthetic preferences, creating subtle or bold geometric accents.
•    Base Mesh Checkbox: Choose whether to retain the base mesh in the final output or isolate the curve lines for seamless integration into your workflows.

Enhanced Workflow and Efficiency

•    Seed Input: Set a seed value to generate specific and repeatable line patterns, enabling precise control over your creations.
•    Intuitive Controls: Navigating the tool's parameters is effortless, granting you quick and easy customization of your geometric designs.
•    Time-Saving: Automate the process of generating geometric lines, freeing up your time for other creative tasks.
•    Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate this tool into your existing Blender workflow, enhancing your artistic capabilities without disruption.

just append .blend file and find it with prefix "MGH"

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Published 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License GPL
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