Super Image Denoiser V4.0 + Beta V5.0

by Pidgeon Tools in Addons

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Denoising Methods:

  • SID - Advanced AI Denoiser Setup that uses multipass denoising.
  • Temporal - Uses Information from previous and next frames.


This option uses an Advanced AI Denoiser Setup, that, with multipass denoising, provides much clearer images

Quality Settings

  • Super - Highest Quality Results - Utilizes a lot of information - high ram usage
  • High - Medium Quality Results - Utilizes less information - moderate ram usage
  • Standart - Low Quality Results - Great for previews or quick test renders.

Render Passes

To ensure best performance, you can enable and disable passes to reduce memory usage, and increase denoising speed

Multilayer EXR

To use the denoised passes in external software, you can enable multilayer EXR.
This will export a mlEXR file to the folder specified in the output properties.


With the temporal denoiser your images get denoised by using information from the past and next frames, offering you a way more consistent denoising

Noisy images

First the noisy frames have to be rendered, to do so, select the path and click the button below it. This is important, as other ways will not denoise the frames.

Compositor will be disabled.

Denoise images

- Set the destination path for the denoised images.

- Set your denoising radius, the higher the better the denoising quality, but slower.
- Set your range, the higher the range, the more frames will be considered.
- Set your passes, similar to SIDs passes, only these will be denoised
- Click The Denoise Button

Supported Render Engines:

- Cycles

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