Super Fast Render V3.0.1

by Pidgeon Tools in Addons

How to use Super Fast Render:

For a video tutorial, watch this YouTube Video!


In the addon preferences you first need to enable SFR

After that, click on "Check Dependencies", then click "Install Dependencies", followed by restarting blender.

This step is crucial as SFR relies on external python libraries to function properly

Render Properties:

"Complimentary Addons"

  • Disables Auto Tile Size addon - sets own tile size
  • Selects optimal render device
  • leads to download page of Super Image Denoiser

"Optimization Method"


With 3 presets you can set up a basic optimization setup

  • SUPER - Fastest, Lowest quality
  • high - middle groud, suits mosts scenes
  • beauty - Slowest, Best quality

Benchmarks your scenes to find the optimal settings required for your scene.

"Benchmark Res"

Reduces your image render resolution during benchmarking to increase render speed


At which point the benchmark should stop increasing the quality,
The higher the value, the less precise.

"Benchmarking Files"

The location where the benchmarking files will be saved, make sure this folder is empty

"Start Benchmark"

Initiates the benchmarking

Blender will freeze during the benchmarking,
as background rendering is more efficient than rendering in the foreground,
you can see your render result in the selected folder until it finishes benchmarking


Leads you to the Discord Server, where you can ask for help, give feedback, and suggest ideas.

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Blender Version 2.92, 2.93, 3.0
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