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Super Text is a Geometry node setup for making text design and animation in Blender. The perfect complement to any video that needs 3D text, great for Motion Graphics

A quick map of where to change the Super Text settings

A quick map of where to change the Super Text settings

Design Features

You can achieve a complete custom design with the 7 nodes (Main extrusion, Stroke, Instances, and Custom Object, Plasma Fill, Plasma Side, Wireframe/Instances) and you can also achieve a good-looking design with the Simple design node

You have options like:

    • ON/OFF each piece of the text (main extrusion, steps, instances along curve, custom objects)
    • Select materials for each part of the design (Procedural or image-based textures )
    • Bevel and shade smooth options
    • Round corners
    • Select materials for each part of the design
    • Choose any font
    • Minimum and maximum values set to avoid freeze blender (like accidentally set Subdivision at 999 for example)

    Design tutorial (English captions)

    Animation Features

    • Control translate, rotation, and scale
    • Add random transformations
    • On/off the IN/OUT animation
    • Custom the easing animation
    • Stagger/Radial animation (turn off if you want)
    • Multiple lines animation
    • The IN and OUT animation can be completely different
    • Adjust easily the pivot point and preview it!

    Animation tutorial (English captions)

    Super Text Lite


    V1 (release, september 2022)

    • Custom animation easing
    • Transform options: rotate, scale, translate
    • Text on curve
    • Independent IN/OUT animations
    • You can set any custom material for each part of the text (only procedural materials)
    • Turn on/off stagger animation

    V2 (december 2022)

    • Fix Errors
    • Remove Text on curve option
    • Completely remake of Design nodes, now we have a Simple Node design and multiple nodes for custom designs: Fill, Stroke, Instances, and Custom Object
    • UVMapping in order to support PBR textures
    • Add random to transformations (animation)

    V3 (april 2023)

    • 3 new node groups for Text Design: Plasma Fill, Plasma side, and Wireframe/Instances
    • Normalized animation values: now the animation values always will be between 0 an 1, independently of the long of text or effector size
    • Radial animation option (appear from the center) added
    • Line delay option when is a multiple lines text

    V4 (september 2023)

    • Super Text now also works with SVG curves, with 2 new node setups
    • Remake of some design nodes to improve performance and easier use
    • Now change the pivot easily for rotation, scale, translation
    • The Text-on-curve feature came back  from version 1
    • Some parameters remapped between 0 and 1 or -1 and 1 for easier and more understandable use
    • Now the parameters that most affects performance are marked with an * so that they are easily identifiable

    V5 (january 2024)

    • Node tree simplified
    • Now set the line breaks writing an asterisk *
    • Preview the pivot point for an easiest control (remember turn off for the render)
    • Preview falloff
    • Random transformation: constraint the axis
    • Spheric Falloff: position control
    • Fix on the Custom node object
    • Tutorials updated to version 5

    Lite Super Text SVG Version
    Translate, rotate, and scale controls

    Random transformations

    Stagger animation

    Simple design node: simple Fill and stroke

    Support procedural materials

    Different In/Out animation

    Preview Falloff

    Line Delay

    Custom pivot point (and preview it)

    6 Custom design nodes: Fill, Stroke, Instances, Custom objects on characters, Plasma side, Wireframe/Instances, Plasma fill

    Radial animation

    Text on curve

    Support Image-based materials

    Easing procedural presets

    All above also with Curves/SVGs

    ¡All future updates are Free!

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