Stylized Clothes Folds / Wrinkles - Blender Brushes

by Alsadany in Surfacing

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  • Victor
    11 months ago

    I feel uneasy judging the product, because the creator's skill level is certainly above mine. But I thought it deserves a review. I've only tried the brushes briefly, but I liked them immediately. They work immediately and as pictured. There are no hidden bad surprises. I like the quality, styling and the shape of the folds. The combination of brushes seems good, and able to cover many different areas of the garment, just as described. You get few brushes, but they are simple enough and should allow easy combining. I also like that the visual complexity of the folds and their curvature is not over the top. I'm not sure why they are called "stylized" - I intend to use them for a game garment that aims to look realistic. The downsides - some brushes have slight, but noticeable artifacts at their periphery or edges. It should not be a problem, but it may require care not to accidentally place an unwanted wrinkle where it's not wanted. Also, it's nitpicking, but the package contains an unnecessary .blend1 backup file, adding some wasted space.

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