Stony Ground

by Luigi Marini in Models

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  • fxr
    over 2 years ago

    So, I gotta put this in perspective. What's provided is a complete large, background complete sky, and, a foreground landscape, including haze volumetrics, landscape assets like grass, shrubs and trees, plus rocks, stones, and boulders. And the look is exactly as depicted in the demo window. And the scale is big. Some of these other landscapes by Luigi Martin are 2K by 2k. Plus in Marini's other scenes he includes rivers and streams. Which for me is a great for animation landscapes. As I'd rather concentrate my time on the characters rather than world building. And although, his landscapes, as is, are very heavy on the computer GPU, (easy to bog down if too many assets are added) the landscape scene is really a buffet menu - where you can add or delete or slim down numbers of particle assets as desired. While for closer up scenes, I simply delete the non-essential ground and assets, and which is much more manageable for the computer.
    Lastly, there is the cost savings in time. I've always used flat 2D picture backgrounds, which work, but don't hold a candle to a more authentic looking 3D one. Overall, Luigi Marini's landscapes welcome additions to my go-to blender files, And Well worth the minimal cost. Hearty Thanks to Luigi Marini.

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Published over 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.91
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