Ian Hubert's Steam Kpack

by Chipp Walters in Models

Hey guys,

I’m partnering with Ian Hubert to package and deliver some of his awesome products, many of which he’s demoed and shown either on his YouTube or his Patreon accounts.

The first product, which is especially exciting, is the STEAM KPACK. You can use either the free or pro versions of KIT OPS to DRAG/DROP any of 10 different steam INSERTS directly into your scene. Ian has two different material shaders-- for different reasons, explained in the video below. So, that makes 20 different INSERTS in all.

You can learn all about it by watching this video:

Some Background

A while back, Ian spent time created some fantastic steam videos using his camera and his own studio setup. He then meticulously edited them so they would work as well as possible with his photorealistic workflow.

And if you know Ian, he focuses on efficiency– that way he can load a ton of these different steam elements in his scenes without overloading the rendering.

Another thing about Ian, is he goes pretty fast when it comes to demoing these types of things. He went over 2 different ways to create the node setups for using them in Blender– and it was all somewhat complicated– in fact I had to spend a bunch of time just trying to figure out what was the best way to do this. Turns out, Ian figured both were the best way– more on that in a minute.

So what I’ve done is created a STEAM KPACK for use with KIT OPS (the free or pro version) and I’ve configured all 10 of Ian’s animations into both different material directions, for a total of 20 different INSERTS. And with KIT OPS, you just drag and drop them where you want them– it’s that easy.

Please download KIT OPS FREE at https://gum.co/kitops

You can get KIT OPS PRO right here at Blender Market.

No need to hook up material nodes or deal with fancy settings. They just work. And, if you hook them up right, they can easily look 3D as they rotate with the camera view.

They work in both EEVEE and Cycles.

You can use them how you like in any production– just please don’t resell them!

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