Star Wars T65B X-Wing Starfighter

by stephendowdy in Models

Geometry and Rigging

There are 45 separate objects in three separate collections.  56,874 actual vertices and 50,353 faces.  Including the subdivision surface and bevel modifiers there are 395,000 vertices and 383,612 faces. 

The undercarriage is rigged with a single custom control to raise and lower it using object constraints.  The wings are rigged with a custom control to open and close them with constraints to animate their rotation.

Materials and Textures

The model is divided into three primary full PBR materials - the main fuselage and undercarriage; the wings, engines and guns; and the pilot and R2 unit. Each material has base colour, metallic, specular, roughness and normal maps. The fuselage and wing maps are all 4k, the crew maps are all 2k.

The cockpit canopy also has a glass material using the colour and roughness fuselage maps, and the pilot's helmet visor a simple glass material. There are also separate objects to add a engine exhaust with a simple emission material (use a glare node in compositing to add a glow).

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Published almost 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.83
License Editorial
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