Star Wars Andor Inspired Greebles And Equipment

by Michael Thomas in Models

100 Greeble and Equipment set inspired by Star Wars: Andor

This set contains tons of detailed parts for you to use in your own Star Wars or Sci Fi creations! Designed from the ground up and based on items seen in the background and foreground in the series.  Each part is ready for you to texture and add to your scenes and customize how you see fit.


This selection of Greebles can be used to add detail where you need it to help finish off your scenes.


Wanting to have the ability to add a ton of detail for interior scenes these panels were built with inspiration from similar workstations and items found in the Andor series.  The workstation sections are all scaled appropriately and have the ability for endless mix and match.  You can rotate for them to be wall mounted or floor mounted.  All of the screens, lights and switches can easily be selected for individual texturing.  It also includes the cockpit panel from the Corpo Dropship (see other images for details)

Construction Parts

These parts can help you build out some scenes and add detail to foreground and background areas, the bridges are array ready and the walls all easily fit together.  The iconic lamps seen on the bridge in the first episode are ready to go with some extra special gradient lighting.

Large Equipment

This set includes iconic parts like the meal sitting area a guard tower with full interior (see other example images) and the imperial workstation and other equipment.  The airlock is inspired by the series but is a complete custom piece with 5 parts including a working door the swings open and closed (see other images for details).


This collection of storage greebles can flesh out details on walls or floors for your scene helping to see a lived in environment

Regular Equipment

This detailed set of equipment includes workstations, a desk, various computers, ground equipment and a specialized cockpit chair based on the one in Maarva's ship.  All the screens, buttons, switches and cables are easily selected to light and texture to suit your needs.


All sets in the collection are individually located in their own collections and labeled appropriately and ready for you to add to your asset browser.

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