Staplers Pack

by blender_tommy1441 in Models

This is a pack of staplers containing 4 classic designs that range from the most basic to the staple gun.

They are all modelled in Blender 2.79, using custom PBR materials and fully rigged and animated using Cycles engine.

The models are:

- The generic model, which is the basic everyday office stappler. It has 40k Verts and 40.5k Faces
- The more "designer" model based on the REXEL Optima. It has 30k Verts and 30k Faces
- The classic ACE Clipper stapler, who doesn't know this one. It's got 136k Verts and 134k Faces.
- And the most basic of the Stapler Guns. It comprises of 97k Verts and 95 Faces.

ALL Staplers are rigged and animated, plus the springs of both the Generic and the Designer one is animated using Shape Keys.