Stair Builder

by Rytelier in Modifier Setups

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  • Seth Rutledge
    7 months ago

    Picked this up yesterday - It certainly *works* and works well. Some of the controls are a bit confusing (I'm still not sure what the "Step Support" functionality does, or why there is custom boolean controls), and for some reason, a stair I made this morning came out backwards in elevation to the geometry it was using as a guide, but, on the whole, an excellent node tree for making stairs. I do wish there was a video example of controlling the features!

  • prodkye
    8 months ago

    Doesnt work.

    • Rytelier

      8 months ago

      Please follow the manual and use the at least version that is required by it.
      You can also send message providing technical detail about the problem, don't go instantly to leave low rating.

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