Stained Glass Material Pack

On Sale! by 3D Tudor in Surfacing

Unleash your creative potential with our Free Stainless Glass PBR Material Pack! These high-quality, photorealistic materials are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your 3D models and scenes.

Inside this generous pack, you'll find 40 texture maps in total, offering a wide array of intricate stainless glass designs, perfect for a range of creative projects, from architectural visualizations to game assets, and much more. The high resolution of 2048x2048 ensures every detail is captured and rendered with stunning clarity, enhancing the overall realism of your final output.

This pack comes with a Blender file with the transparency settings already set up, saving you valuable time and letting you dive straight into your project. The materials are designed to work seamlessly with PBR (Physically Based Rendering) workflows, offering realistic light interaction, accurate reflections, and superior quality that breathes life into your models.

From subtle, clear glass to more ornate, colored patterns, this pack offers a wealth of possibilities, all ready to drop into your scene and deliver outstanding results. Harness the power of PBR and Blender with our Stainless Glass Material Pack and make your 3D work stand out.

Remember, this incredible pack is entirely free! Download today and start creating extraordinary scenes with the stunning beauty of stainless glass.