Sound Nodes - Audio Visualization

by Miha Marinko in Addons

Sound Nodes is a Blender addon for Audio Visualization. Bring your animations to life with the power of sound!

Sound Nodes allows you to extract audio information from music files and use it to drive your animations. The relevant information from your music is stored as keyframes for optimal preview performance. These keyframes are connected to custom nodes in the Geometry Nodes editor, giving you limitless creative potential to craft unique and engaging audio-visual masterpieces.

Easily Load and Analyze Your Music

With Sound Nodes, loading and analyzing your music is simple and straightforward. Load your music file and click "Analyze Audio" to detect the features in the music. Sound Nodes supports popular audio file formats including .mp3, .wav, .flac, and .ogg.

Sound Info, Spectrogram, and Chromagram Nodes

Sound Nodes provides a variety of nodes to choose from, each offering different ways to visualize and manipulate your audio data. The Sound Info node contains basic information about the audio, including Loudness, Average Frequency, and Beats. The Spectrogram nodes allow you to visualize frequencies in audio, while the Chromagram node provides the energy of musical pitches.

More detailed description is avaliable in Documentation tab.

Create awesome animations

Use Geometry nodes to create whatever your mind can think of!

Free Lite version of Sound Nodes

The free lite version of Sound Nodes is available and offers limited functionality, but still includes the basic features. It provides an opportunity for you to test installation and decide if you like the addon before purchasing the full version.

The lite version includes loudness and spectrogram information.

You can download the free version from Github.

Three Demo project files are included!

Get Sound Nodes today and elevate your animations to a new level with the power of sound!

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