Solid Plugs For Meshmachine.

by George Yong. in Models

SOLID Plugs Vol.1: 80 plugs for MESHmachine.

For larger previews, please visit Artstation:

You need to have MESHmachine 0.6 addon installed for these plugs to work.

Plugs are great for adding details quickly on your model and they are fun to use.

SOLID Plugs Vol.1 is a collection of 80 ready to use plugs that make detailing your model fast and easy.


-    All plugs are tested to work on flat and round surface.

-    Every plug comes with Deformer. Some are turned On by default.

-    All plugs, Handles and Subsets are checked for Loose Geometry, Interior Faces and Remove Doubles.

-    All plugs, Handles and Subsets have unique names. No part-name confusion when importing several plugs into your scene.

-    Some plain plugs are included. Once they are plugged onto the targeted surface, you can easily add another plug on top of them.

Additional Notes

-    Non-SubD, mixed geometry.

-    No UVs. Materials are not included.

-    Format:    .blend


1    Download and unzip '' anywhere on your computer. You will see 2 folders, 'Plug_Previews' and 'SolidPlugsVol1' folder.

2    Copy just the 'SolidPlugsVol1' folder > Paste it into where MESHmachine is installed on your system under 'assets\plugs\'.  By default on Windows systems: 'C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\BlenderFoundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\MESHmachine\assets\Plugs'. 

In short, Copy 'SolidPlugsVol1' folder, then Paste it into 'Plugs' folder.

3    Start or restart Blender. Call MESHmachine, go to Plug Libraries, 'SolidPlugsVol1' should appear in the menu.

To make the most of these plugs, please watch the excellent videos on MACHIN3's Youtube channel on how to use MESHmachine. Or, refer to MESHmachine docs

Thank you very much.

Happy plugging and have a nice day!

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Blender Version 2.79
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