Solid Color Randomizer - Addon For Blender

by Nanomanpro in Addons

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  • Marcio
    4 months ago

    Very good addon! Simple but effective. Congrats to the author!
    I'm not a fan of Blender's default random colors (too muted to my taste) and this addon lets me add colors with more saturation (similar to 3ds Max). Very useful when modeling complex models.

    I'd like to ask for two additions:

    1 - There should be a command to assign different random colors to ALL objects in the scene (or maybe all the selected ones). Currently, if you have more than one selected object and assign a color, they all receive the same color. Not what I expected. I expected each object to receive a different random color. That would be much more useful.

    2 - This one would probably be harder, but would be possible to have a mode (with a toggle on and off) where a random color would be automatically assigned to any new Mesh we create? This would be super useful, basically raplacing Blender's default random colors.

    Thanks and congrats again for the good job on your addon.

    • Nanomanpro

      4 months ago

      Thank you for opinion :)
      As for the first point, it can certainly be done, but in a sense it is a duplication of the already existing random view that you mentioned.
      The main advantage that I had in mind when creating this addon was to facilitate and speed up the procedure of repeatedly selecting specific groups of objects that we are currently working with, so randomly marking them with colors worked perfectly in this case.
      As for the second point, you rightly pointed out that it would be difficult because I think it would require creating a new operator for each primitive grid, which would complicate the addon incredibly.

  • Jonny La Trobe-Lewis
    10 months ago

    A simple, useful script that lets you randomly set the object color of your meshes. I find this much more useful than Blender's random color overlay in complex scenes, because the overlay tends to make similarly-named objects also similar in color, while also providing no manual override for the random colors it assigns. This addon makes assignment of colors to multiple objects quicker than using the built-in UI and provides just enough manual control.

    I'm running version 1.1 and there are a few additions that I think we expand the utility of this script even further:
    1.) There should be an additional button that assigns a different random color to every currently-selected object in one action.
    2.) Ideally, when multiple objects are selected and you manually change the assigned color, the color should be assigned automatically to all selected objects. At present, the manual change of color only applies to the active object, and then you have to hit the "Copy Color" color button to apply it to the other selected objects. Not that big a deal, but it'd be nice to remove that additional final step.

    • Nanomanpro

      10 months ago

      Hello. Thank you very much for your positive opinion.
      Regarding point 2, the operator should assign the same random color to all selected objects. Which version of blender are you using?

  • Yusuf
    11 months ago

    Great tool, not to be confused with blender build-in random color. This one is totaly different. It makes our job easier, especially on big projects.

    • Nanomanpro

      10 months ago

      Thank You :)

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