Snow Landscape Builder

by Alvaro Rodriguez in Models

Snow Landscape Builder is a complete package for creating 3d winter scenes and landscapes.

It Includes:

· 20 Terrains
· 5 Background 360 Spherical Skies (4K resolution)
· 15 low poly Trees with 2 variations each one (with snow and with no snow) (15 000 tris average)
· 1 Landscape (with the 5 skies variations in 5 different scenes)
· User manual (English and Spanish languages)





User Friendly

Terrains are user friendly, in the scenes you will find the following:

  • 1 mesh with Subdivision Surface and Displace modifiers with Height Map loaded.
  • 2 Low Poly Meshes (2 Level of details) based on the previous mesh but with both modifiers (Subdivision Surface and Displace) applied so that they can be edited.

Subdivision Surface + Displace and Polygonal Meshes

according to your needs

  • With the subdivision + displace modifiers you can easily switch up to 12 levels of details.
  • And finally you can transform it into a poligonal mesh for editing easily. Just hitting Apply buttons!

From Subdivision Level 6 to Level 9 demostration:

Performance and Quality

  • Every render showed is a RAW render, so it means that they don’t have any postproduction!
  • Made for getting great performance. Trees look like high resolution trees but they are low poly!
  •  Trees like these can have up to millions of triangles but they only
     have an average of 15 000 tris.

Different trees species

The species included are:

·Picea Abies
·Picea Pungens

Make beautiful snow landscapes easily!

Making landscapes with Snow Landscape Builder is not only a time saver It’s easy and also fun!

  • This allows you to focus on your creativity and creating a great background for your illustrations or architectural visualizations.
  • You can use terrains solely or you can combine them making a great landscape!

Skies backgrounds

The package contains also 5 spherical 360º skies (PNG format) 4096x4096 resolution.

As you can see It’s not necessary to have HDR skies for lighting a scene! Also it’s faster to render!

The main scene Landscape comes divided into 5 different scenes, each one with one different sky and lighting settings!

Low System Specs!

You don’t need high system specs for working with Snow Landscape Builder!

It was tested in a low-end computer (Intel I5 2400 Quad Core 4GB RAM ) and works awesome.


With this package you get a complete pack for making 3d winter scenes and landscapes with a great quality! It includes:

20 terrains

  • Buying separately it can cost $ 15-30 each one. And this package includes 20 high quality terrains, so that it could cost more than $300.

Low Poly Trees

The package also includes 15 trees with two variations each one making a total of 30 trees. 

It’s easy to find high quality trees on the 3d models market, but low poly trees with good quality is quite hard to find them. 

And finally they can cost you around $10-30 each one. Making an amount of more than $500

And that makes a total of more than $800. But the package includes more!

  • Landscape scene (with 5 skies variations divided in 5 different scenes with different lighting settings)
  • 5 Spherical 360º Skies

Complex Design and Time Saver

Several months of hard work has been dedicated making this package specially for you.

Complete Documentation (Spanish and English languages)

A complete manual is included explaining in details the basics of the product.

Multiple uses for your projects

You can use it for your personal and commercial projects including:

  • Architectural Visualization 
  • Virtual Reality
  • Illustrations
  • Animations Films
  • Games
  • Advertising

    And so on!

if you have any doubt don’t hesitate to contact us through this web.

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