Smart Materials Bundle

by saleh afkhami in Surfacing

This bundle consists of my most sold "smart materials" for Blender.

*Realistic Style.

*25% Off +free updates.


*In upcoming updates, I will be adding realistic smart materials to this bundle. If you make a purchase now, you will receive these additional products at no extra cost. For example, I may release a new pack of realistic smart materials in the future. If you purchase this bundle prior to the release, you will receive the new pack as a free update. Additionally, feel free to let me know what kind of materials you would like to see included, and I will do my best to create them for you.



  • Free and infinite Updates; new material series would be added to this bundle as a free update.

  • It’s not an add-on, so you don’t need to add new add-ons to your workflow. No add-ons no installation problems and no code bugs.

  • Just drag and drop to use.

  • Customizable; all parameters you will need for each material, are added to one node group, with ease of use and clean structure.

  • Pre-setup for Asset Browser.

  • Semi-procedural system. So it’s faster than kind of full procedural materials, because a big part of the process is done by textures.

  • Used 4K textures, so it’s suitable for high-quality artwork. Also, you can use the 2K version if you need to have a faster frame rate or rendering.

  • Guide pages; some tips and technical docs.

  • I shared all of the custom nodes and techniques that I used to make these materials for Free.


  • UV is Required for most materials. Smart UV should be fine in most cases,but if you need more accurate results, you need better UV unwrapping.

  • All materials support BLNEDER 3.6 and the latest versions (would be updated)

  • These materials are designed for realistic shading.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and please don't miss rating or review. It's a huge motivation for me!

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Published 8 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License Royalty Free
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