Slag Door Cleaner

by steeluniversity in Models

A safe workplace is the number one priority for the steel industry. The manufacturing of steel presents an environment where risks are present across the range of production processes. Support of a positive safety culture within a company includes providing training to recognize and address potential risks to the safety of personnel, both employees and contractors

World Steel Association (worldsteel) through its Safety and Health Committee, and more recently, steeluniversity, its learning, and training programme developed a collection of safety training tools. This collection includes serious games in Unity for mobile equipment, desktop, webGL, VR and AR. Besides, 3D animated videos to reproduce incidents and infographics were developed in Blender using Eevee.

To support the development of these training resources, a library of high quality, low poly 3D models were created and now offer to the developer community. The following model is part of these libraries.  


2.229 - Faces
3.987 - Tris
6 textures images compatible with PBR Blender, Sketchfab, Unity shaders.

**environment HDRI image not included