by twdigital in Models

Verts: 8,495  Tris: 16,646  Faces: 8,324
  Material uses specular and bump maps for accurate realistic results. There 5 textures used on this model.  These textures are: skull_specular.png, skull_diffuse1.png, skull_AO.png, skull_normal.png, skull_roughness.png
  How to use your new model in your scene:
  1. Open the .blend file of your scene
  2. press Shift+f1 or File>Append
  3. find this .blend and select (.blend may have to be exported out of .zip file first)
  4. go into Object
  5. select "skull_bm" and "skull_jaw_bm"
  6. Click "Append from Library"

This object features clean geometry, making it easy to modify and cleanly subdivide.