Sketch N' Carve Ultimate Bundle: Appetite For (3D) Construction

by Sahin Ersoz in Addons

All Sketch N' Carve Add-ons in one Ultimate Bundle.


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Included Add-ons: $120 total value

Sketch N' Carve (version: 4.2.0z) $34
(w/ Sketch N' Simulate) $10
(w/ Sketch N' Camera Controls) $6
Wear N' Tear Full Damage Control (version: 1.0.2r1) $30
Sketch N' Cage (version: 1.0.4b) $10
Mesh Heal (version: 1.0.1a) $10
Snow (version: 1.0.0m) $10
Grease Pencil From Mesh ProS (version: 2.6.0y) $10

Practice scenes are included

Upgrade discounts to Ultimate Bundle if you own any of the products below:

(You can use one coupon at a time, so if you happen to own more than one product please contact me for a special coupon)

Sketch N' Carve CORE    Discount: $5.00   Coupon Code: afcsnccore
Sketch N' Carve              Discount: $17.00   Coupon Code: afcsnc
Wear N' Tear                   Discount: $5.00   Coupon Code: afcwnt
Wear N' Tear PRO           Discount: $8.00   Coupon Code: afcwntpro
Wear N' Tear Damage Control           Discount: $12.00   Coupon Code: afcwntdc
Wear N' Tear Full Damage Control     Discount: $15.00   Coupon Code: afcwntfdc
Snow ES                         Discount: $3.00   Coupon Code: afcsnowes
Snow                              Discount: $5.00   Coupon Code: afcsnow
Mesh Heal                      Discount: $5.00   Coupon Code: afcmh
GP From Mesh PRO        Discount: $4.00   Coupon Code: afcgpfmpro
GP From Mesh PRO_S     Discount: $6.00   Coupon Code: afcgpfmpros
Sketch N' CAGE               Discount: $5.00   Coupon Code: afccage

Wear N' Tear Demo

Wear N' Tear


Mesh Heal

Grease Pencil From Mesh (w/ Shadows)

Sketch N' Cage

Sketch N' Simulate SE

Sketch N' Carve

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Published 12 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1
License GPL
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