Sketch Shader V1.0 - Blender 4.0+ (Eevee)

by Vertex Arcade in Surfacing

This Sketch Shader will allow you to turn your 3D models into Sketches! It features various shading styles, stylised Grease Pencil outlines, over 50 different Paper textures, some compositing tricks and various shader controls to give you full control over how the shading looks!

This shader is an NPR (Non-Photorealistic Rendering) shader and as such it only works in EEVEE.

The shader was made with Blender 4.0. It may work in older versions, but some features may be broken/missing.

Occasionally, trying to render the scene will cause Blender to crash. This is some kind of bug with Grease Pencil, so Render first WITHOUT the Grease Pencil LineArt and then re-enable it and that should fix it.

There are 6 Shading Styles to choose from, these being Hatching, Crosshatching, Chaotic, Scribbles, Stipples and Lines. You can easily switch between the styles using the Sketch Style control on the Shader. If you have multiple different materials you can use the Sketch Controls object that will allow you to change them all at once using Drivers.

All of the textures are animated so that they flicker and your LineArt will also flicker if you're using the Noise modifier, this can give it a really nice look as if it were hand drawn.

All of the Sketch styles available in v1.0

To save space, the 3 different levels of Sketch textures are contained in the Red, Green and Blue channels of a single RGB texture. These are then separated in the shader, so instead of 3 RGB images, we only have one.

You'll see some oddly coloured textures, but these are just the individual textures combined into one image to save space

You'll also receive over 50 Paper Textures, 9 sets of tiling textures at 3 different damage levels, and you can blend between these in the Compositor using the provided Node Group. I've also provided raw scans of some Paper textures that can't necessarily tile, but you can use them as they are to get some different looks.

All of these textures are seamless and you can blend between the different damage levels in the Compositor

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Published 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License GPL
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